Up for sale is my computerized mount and telescope. I have used this scope and mount for observing the night sky and to take pictures of the night sky using a DSLR camera attached to the top of the telescope.
Included in this sale is
- Sky-Watcher 100ED refractor telescope
- Meade LDX75 GOTO and tracking mount
- Meade Autostar 497 Controller
- 25 and 40mm eyepieces
- Custom piggyback bracket to mount a DSLR camera

You will need to add a power supply to power the mount (I use a Canadian Tire power pack), and if you want to take pictures of the night sky you will need a DSLR camera.

Using the Autostar controller and the LDX75 mount you align the telescope so it tracks the stars as they move through the night. You can use the controller to automatically goto objects of your choice such as galaxies and planets.

Here is a link to the specifications page for the Sky-watcher 100ED scope.


This is a high quality scope that delivers great views of the night sky.

Attached below is a picture of a region of the night sky I took with this setup.

No trades please